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"L o v e" bangle II

"L o v e" bangle II


925 sterling silver

18K rose gold/ 18K white gold plated

One size fits all, adjustable

Measurement: inner diameter 580mm x 470mm

Engraving charge HK$30



****** Please read ******


Engraving Service Terms and Conditions



• Engraving service is only available with English letters and numbers (within 25 characters); and the font size will be designated and cannot be altered. Engraving service is only available in 2 fonts. Alette Jewelry has the right to reject the engraving if we believe inappropriate, e.g. languages that contain indecent, negative, aggressive content.


• Engraving service takes at least a week, depending on factory traffic situations.


• Machines, manual operations and product quality, as well as many other factors may affect the engraving result. Alette Jewelry does not give any guarantee nor bear any responsibility on the effects, fonts, clarity, etc. Customers cannot ask for return nor redo in any form if they are dissatisfied with the final engraving effect, font, or for any other reasons. Customers are required to confirm the words to be engraved before placing the order.


• Customers must understand the engraving process may change or damage the original form of the product. If the customer decides to engrave, s/he shall bear the risk of the damage. Alette Jewelry is not responsible for any damage or destruction that appears during the process.


• Alette Jewelry reserves the right of final decisions of this engraving service and on the interpretation of these terms and conditions. If the English version of the Terms and Conditions does not conform to the Chinese version, the Chinese version should prevail.


  • 刻字服務只可刻英文字母及數字,必須在25個字母之內,字體大小均有指定規格。另外,刻字服務只提供兩款字型。


  • Alette Jewelry 有權拒絕刻印任何文字,例如不雅、負面、攻擊性等文字或訊息。


  • 需要刻字服務至少需要一星期才能發貨, 視乎工廠進度而定。
  • 刻印效果受機器、人手操作及產品質量等多個不可預料因素影響,Alette Jewelry 並不能控制,Alette Jewelry 不會對任何刻印效果如字體、清楚度等情況作出任何保證及負上任何責任,顧客不能因為不滿最終刻印效果、字型或任何原因而要求任何形式的賠償退貨或重做,顧客請在下單時核對所要刻印內容。 顧客須明白刻印的過程可能會損毁產品或改變產品的外形,若顧客決定刻印,須自行承擔產品因刻字而可能出現的受損風險,Alette Jewelry 並不會承擔任何因為刻字而導至產品損壞的責任。


  • Alette Jewelry 保留對整個【刻字服務】的最終決定權利




Our bangle posts are made of sterling silver. It is a metal that is very soft and tarnishes very easily. It is the natural characteristic of the metal. If the sterling silver jewelry is left untouched and unused for a long time, it will get tarnished quicker than usual. Please clean the jewelry with a dry soft cloth after every use. Please do not wear the jewelry when showering, swimming or during any water-related activities. Humidity and moisture will make the jewelry tarnish faster than usual.

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