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Moonlight stud & long drop single earring

Moonlight stud & long drop single earring


2 ways stud earring

Designer inspired by an romantic and poetic poem "Walk with me in moonlight" which is written by an American poet Leon Knight in 1989.

Walk with me in moonlight
"Come, walk with me in moonlight.We'll rejoice the close of day.

Talk with meas moonlight sparkles dreamsbefore our way............."


925 sterling silver

18K rose gold/ 18K white gold plated



Total length of earrings approx. 100mm


Sterling Silver is a very soft material which can be bent easily, a slight bend of the earring needle is considered normal.

Our earring posts are made of sterling silver. It is a metal that is very soft and tarnishes very easily. It is the natural characteristic of the metal. If the sterling silver jewelry is left untouched and unused for a long time, it will get tarnished quicker than usual. Please clean the jewelry with a dry soft cloth after every use.

Please do not wear the jewelry when showering, swimming or during any water-related activities. Humidity and moisture will make the jewelry tarnish faster than usual.

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