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Many people will not understand why the name will be, in fact, Alette is a Greek, the original meaning of free fairies.

This state mean the most beautiful of women-Living freely in this society is not imprisoned by the shackles that women in traditional societies should have.

The second Chinese word is Yue, Yue meaning is a kind of ancient legend of God beads, it has the appearance of fortitude but has an extraordinary endogenous, which is exactly what we hope for all the ladies brought information, perseverance, the atmosphere, Outstanding and quiet inside so.

This is us, a group of people chasing freedom and insisting on what we insist on. Yue is a platform for us to communicate with the outside world and we hope we can share our unique understanding of women and fashion through this platform.


Founder of the two post-90s girls, free attitude has always been their status;

they want to rely on their jewelry, to interpret freedom of life attitude and fashion attitude. They believe that women are free to do what they want to be and become what they want to be.



Designer Yuenlee Chan

"Drawing has always been a great hobby of mine, ever since I was a child. I adore and am constantly mesmerised by the beauty of nature, and for that reason, plants and animals have been a reoccurring subject in my artwork." - Yuenlee Chan

Yuenlee Chan is a UK graduate. She majored in Illustration and has achieved a bachelors degree with honours.

After graduation, she returned to Hong Kong to further her studies and has achieved certifications in Jewellery design.

Her work is greatly influenced by cultures from various countries she had experienced during her travels.

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